Each Formula car can be enhanced with Liveries, distinctive handmade art and branding wraps that players can acquire from the Market or receive automatically when a Formula car is created. Custom Liveries from special events or presale have no Rarity and are designed just for these unique agreements with Racino partners.

Rarity Distribution

  • 63% Common (1 of 6 Mark Antar Variants)

  • 22% Uncommon (1 of 5 Mark Antar Variants)

  • 10% Rare (1 of 4 Mark Antar Variants)

  • 4% Epic (1 of 3 Mark Antar Variants)

  • 1% Legendary (1 of 2 Mark Antar Variants)

Mark Antar of https://x.com/markantardesign

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